Franciscan Convent Care home is  close to town and yet still near the beautiful Essex countryside. The home is situated near the River Blackwater and plenty of open countryside. The result of being in such an ideal position is that we see in our gardens an interesting variation of wildlife such as herons, woodpeckers, kingfishers , munjack deer and plenty of rabbits and squirrels as well as many other types of birds. The Gardens are mainly to the rear and side of the home with lighted pathways.


There are numerous cedar wood benches spread all around the home where the residents can sit and relax and take in some of the lovely surrounding views. There are flowerbeds and raised planting areas including a rockery, plenty of container grown flowers and shrubs and a vast array of fruit trees.  


As you can see there are ample areas for residents to sit and have a different view each day of the week if they so wish. In the summer months we encourage residents to sit outside with the care staff who will make sure they are always safe and supply them with refreshments and other activities such as knitting or sewing, or jigsaw puzzles and  plenty to read  such as newspapers books and magazines.                                                                               


Summer is a time when residents may feel like sitting outside but feel they still want to be  near enough to the home to make it easier and more convenient to get to the toilet or indeed just to feel they are secure. With this in mind we have a wonderful and large airy lounge with patio doors all the way  round with lovely views outside and a sun terrace just outside with plenty of patio furniture and tables for them to sit and drink tea and other refreshments. The sun terrace  has a canopy overhead for any residents that want the fresh air but without the direct heat of the sun. If residents wish they can just sit inside the lounge next to the open patio doors and enjoy the best of both worlds at once. 


The gardens are maintained to a high standard. At night time all the pathways are lit up by  lights and it really is quite a wonderful sight to see. Some of the residents' rooms overlook one part or another of our grounds and quite often they sit in there rooms looking out at the wildlife or just taking in the relaxing views.


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