The Franciscan Convent Residential Care Home is owned by the Institute of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, Via Raffaello Sardiello, 20 00165 Rome, Italy. The Franciscan Sisters have had homes in U.S.A., Ireland and England and bring a wealth of experience gained over the years in the care field. 

Our home is registered under the Care Standards Act 2000 with the Care Quality Commision for twelve elderly people of both sexes, for ages over 65. The current average age is 90 years. A major renovation was carried out in 2007. The home is able to care for older people who have reasonable mobility. We are also registered to take people with dementia. Our home is not registered for and cannot accept residents who may require nursing care. Our admission policy includes an initial assessment visit carried out by a senior member of the team with the prospective resident and their family/advocate. If we felt that we could meet the needs of an emergency admission after getting all the information necessary, we would do so. We would then do an assessment  liasing with the relevant social care organisations and follow our criteria for all admissions ensuring we could continue to meet the residents' needs. We would expect the relevant paperwork within 24 hours. During this visit an assessment form would be completed to give us an understanding of the person's care needs. Our general criterion for admission is that we are able to meet the person's needs in the first instance. We would then communicate with the social work team to ensure that the necessary paperwork is in order before an agreement for admission is made.

Four to six weeks after your admission to the Franciscan Convent Residential Care Home a meeting with yourself and your family/advocate would be arranged to review your placement. The purpose of this meeting will be to establish if the home is a suitable placement for you and to see if we are meeting your needs and above all if you are happy with us.

Whilst  you remain as a resident within the home every effort is made to ensure your privacy and dignity is upheld. In general  terms this would mean that staff would not enter your room without knocking, they would only enter your room with your permission. You may wish to entertain your visitors or consult with your doctor in your room to ensure privacy. There is a  room set aside for visitors who may wish to stay overnight.. When assisting you in any way staff will always be respectful of your wishes and address you in a manner that you are comfortable with. Any personal care tasks will be carried out in a dignified and appropriate manner. Privacy involving any financial or legal  matters will also be maintained. You will always have freedom of choice and if we are unable to meet this or feel it is unsafe for you to carry out your wishes we would discuss this with you.

At all times we will endeavour to maintain the independence that you have and encourage you to continue doing as much as you feel you can.

The Spiritual dimension of the residents' lives is supported by the presence of the Franciscan Sisters, a praying community at the core of the home. All residents are welcome to pray in the beautiful chapel. There is a Mass celebrated daily. Sacraments are administered to residents who so desire. For those of other denominations, ministers will be arranged as required.. Any resident may invite his/her own Vicar to bring Communion if they so wish.                  







The Chapel and  Father Sweeney who holds Mass each day.


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